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Concept: Help Viewers

The grandMA2 Manual is a nested collection of documents, which may be viewed with different types of viewers

Threaded View

With the Threaded View, you will have an expand and collapsible tree-view of all documents in the left frame, while viewing the documents in the right frame.

iPhone View

With the iPhone View, the document-browser and viewer are combined into one frame. Although originally intended for iPhone, you may find this viewer useful for any computer with a small screen.

Flat View

With the Flat View, all documents are loaded into one web-page. This view may be used if you intend to read the whole manual in one go, for printing all documents, and to save the manual locally on you hard-drive.


Via the search function in the threaded and iPhone view, you may find the pages with the latest changes and edits, by searching for revision number in the following format v[major]x[minor]. e.g. if you search for "v1x8" you will find pages with content added or changed for release 1.8

Concept: Languages

The main language of these pages is English.

In the iPhone and Threaded View, you may select another language. If the document is translated to the selected language this will be displayed, otherwise the English version will be displayed.

If the translation is outdated (older than the original language) you will be warned about this.

The Flat View will display translations if available, but will not warn you if any of the translations are outdated. The Flat View will use language selected in the Threaded View.

Reference: Toolbar Icons

Icons on the online pages, and what they do

Threaded View

On the top of each page of the threaded view of the online manual, you may find some icons with the following functions:

Print current page without toolbar and Table Of Contents
Search for selected text / Open Searchpage
Change preferred language
Display Table Of Contents
Synchronize Table Of Contents
Display previous page
Display next page
Display previously viewed page
Display parent page
Jump to start of section
Jump to next section
TOC expand menu/section
TOC contract menu/section

Flat View

In the Flat View, where all topics are displayed as one page, there is only one icon, next to each topic-title, which will jump to the Table-of-Contens part of the page

iPhone View

To get help about the Icons in the iPhone View of the help-pages, please press the questionmark in the iPhone View home/start-page

Concept: Printing the help pages

Please consider the enviroment before printing any pages

Both the grandMA2 software and these pages are under constant development, so please consider the enviroment before printing any pages. Via the main page of the Help site select"Threaded View" for single pages, or "Flat View" for whole manual.

grandMA2 Help are built by using background images and colors in some components like commandline window and feedback. The newer versions of both Internet Explorer and Firefox can print backgrounds but these settings are usually not activated.

If you want to print background colors or images, the easiest way to see what you will get is to check your Print Preview first. If you don't see the colors or images you want, follow the instructions in the next pages to set up your browser to print the background.

Task: Printing from Internet Explorer

How to enable printing of background colors & images
  1. Click on the browser's Tools menu
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Click on the Advanced tab
    1. Scroll down to find the Printing heading
    2. check the box called Print background colors and images
  4. Click OK
Papercopies should now look the same as these pages

Task: Printing from Mozilla/Firefox

How to enable printing of background colors & images
  1. Click on the File menu
  2. Select Page Setup
  3. Click the Format & Options tab
  4. Check Print Background (colors and images)
  5. Click OK
Paper copies of these pages should now look as seen on screen.

Table Of Contents

Toolbar Icons
Printing from Internet Explorer
Printing from Mozilla/Firefox